RECYMET SYSTEMS, S.L., victim of phishing attacks.

We want to demand your attention to make you know that RECYMET SYSTEMS, S.L. has been forced to report to the police several complaints against those identified as KENNETH PARSON and RAMON SERRANO RUEDA, who are absolutely foreign to our company, of “phishing”.

The modus operandi of the above subjects is often posing as agent of our company, using the logo and other data seeking economic benefits with fraudulence, through trade with materials that do not even belong to the usual commercial traffic of RECYMET SYSTEMS, S.L.

In particular, the aforementioned Mr. Kenneth Parson, it is know some of the data provided as a contact on behalf of our company: contact telephone number that provides 34688368785 and email address, not correspond with anyone authorized by RECYMET SYSTEMS, S.L. which holds all trademark rights and has never authorized to unknown third parties to use it.

RECYMET SYSTEMS, S.L. reported every one of the cases that has known, but shall not be responsible for these events to be ceased. The Company reserves to itself all actions in law to defend and avoiding any responsibility in this issue.

If you have knowledge or have information which may clarify this matter, we request your collaboration and contact us in in order to take measures for the cessation of criminal activity reported.

We seize this opportunity to apologize to those who may have been affected by these undesirable circumstances.

Thank you very much.