Metal & art

Metal and art. Leftlovers series, a photographic gallery by the artist Oriol Aribau. Images taken at Recymet Systems Rubí.

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Airbus, Metales Vela and Recymet Systems join together in a solidarity initiative for a better society.

Social responsibility and solidarity must be priority business values in the recycling industry of the 21st century. In this sense and together with Airbus and Metales Vela, Recymet Systems S.L. has participated in a remarkable solidarity donation to several associative entities in the country. At the initiative of Airbus, the contribution has been generated through[…]

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Recymet Systems Amorebieta and the circular economy.

COLLABORATION IN A TRAINING PROJECT ON CIRCULAR ECONOMY IN MECHANICAL MANUFACTURING. The project deals with the creation of a circular economy model for mechanical manufacturing SMEs and micro-SMEs in the Basque Country and the training of Vocational Training students in this model. This model, supervised by the Vice-Ministry of Vocational Training of the Department of[…]

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Rare Earths Elements: Where in the World Are They?

Rare earth elements are a group of metals that are critical ingredients for a greener economy, and the location of the reserves for mining are increasingly important and valuable. This infographic features data from the United States Geological Society (USGS) which reveals the countries with the largest known reserves of rare earth elements (REEs). Source:  –[…]

Aerospace malaise travels up the supply chain.

The demand shock in the aerospace industry because of the Covid-19 pandemic has hit most aerospace metals. Suppliers of ferro-titanium are being forced to delay or cancel deliveries to airline-parts manufacturers as falling demand for aircraft carriers travels up the supply chain. read the full article in source: Argusmedia  (© Argus Media group 2020)

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