About us

High knowledge in recycling special metals and alloys

Who we are

Recymet Systems, S.L. is a waste management company that recovers, recycles and markets scrap industrial specialty metals in all formats and physical states. Recymet is highly specialised in recovering specialty metals. Therefore we purchase industrial waste and reuse its qualities and content to the highest degree possible.

Our history

Since 1990, our Company’s values have pushed us to find new international markets, continuously improve the quality of our material and service management and commit to protecting the environment.

Recymet is backed by over 20 years of experience. This experience has given us a specialised foothold in the metal recovery industry, allowing us to satisfy customer requirements while meeting our suppliers’ highest expectations.


Contact & location information

Headquarters Barcelona – Spain

C/ Puig i Cadafalch, 11-15
Polígono Industrial Rubí-Sud
08191 Rubí (Barcelona) SPAIN

phone +34 936 997 757 / 638 224 361
email recymet@recymet.com

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Branch in Bilbao – Spain

Barrio Boroa
Polígono Industrial Arriagane,
48340 Amorebieta (Bizkaia) SPAIN

phone +34 946 308 333 / 649 762 518
email l.arizmendi@recymet.com

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Branch in Madrid – Spain

C/ Urogallos 15
Polígono Industrial El Cascajal
28320 Pinto (Madrid) SPAIN

phone +34 916 914 882 / 618 094 627
email mj.garcia@recymet.com

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Warehouse regulator Sevilla – Spain

Calle Fridex Tres nº7
Polígono Industrial Fridex
41500 Alcalá de Guadaira (Sevilla) SPAIN

phone +34 618 094 627
email mj.garcia@recymet.com

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Commercial Representation in Germany

Mr. Thorsten Rösler

phone +49 160 6378786
email t.roesler@recymet.com

Commercial Representation in Italy

Mr. Ottavio Ottaviani

phone +39 3394383001
email o.ottaviani@recymet.com

Commercial Representation in France

Mr. Xalbat Bessouet

phone +33 (0) 689 515 784
email x.bessouet@recymet.com

Commercial Representation in Pekin, China

Mr. Jiang Mammon

phone + 86 – 138 1010 2512
email mammonjiang@hotmail.com