Quality & Environment

The respect for the environment


Recymet, aware of the importance of quality business management and respect for the environment, has developed principles that form a frame of reference for our environmental targets and current and future quality objectives:


Understand and achieve customer and supplier satisfaction, considering their needs, expectations and requirements before and after product delivery; they are the best way to procure the satisfaction and quality of our materials and services.


Rigorously comply with all legal requirements that apply to our business and those relating to our environmental aspects.


Maintain a good relationship with our business environment. To do so, and despite belonging to an industrial environment, we are extremely careful about keeping our processes from becoming bothersome in any way and are extremely demanding in terms of hygiene and order.


Work towards continuously improving our equipment and recycling an increasingly higher percentage of materials.


Management performs internal reviews at planned intervals to make sure its integrated Management System is suitable and continuously improving.

This integrated policy is communicated to and upheld by everyone who works for our organization and on our behalf and is available here